Argonaut Drama
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Advanced Drama

Argonaut Drama Advanced Drama builds on the basic skills introduced in Beginning Drama, adding the components of classical acting and festival competition. Since Drama is a co-curricular course, some required rehearsals and performances will be held outside of regularly scheduled class hours.

The ACUSD "Governing Board recognizes that [...] co-curricular activities enrich the educational and social development and experiences of students." Participation in production satisfies Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards in Theatre 2.1 (Creative Expression), 3.3 (Historical and Cultural Context), and 5.3 (Applications).

Performance/production is 30% of a student's grade in Drama. Students not cast in onstage roles will be expected to support the production in a backstage capacity.

Please see Resources/Links for a copy of the course syllabus, outlining all of the rules, responsibilities, and grading policies of the class. Check the Onstage section for a list of performance dates. After school rehearsal days and times will be assigned throughout the course of the year, with reasonable notice given to students and parents. Please note, if a student has abundant commitments to sports and other activities, this may not be an appropriate class to take.

Last update: 7/17/2013