Argonaut Drama
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Argonaut Drama Argonaut High School's Stagecraft course gives students knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects of theatrical production. Students learn stagecraft and design theory, applying such knowledge to hands-on projects. Content includes theater terminology; safety issues; trends in design; and practical work in properties, costume, makeup, lighting, and sound design, as well as "front of house" operation. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be prepared for internships and entry-level employment in the field of production.

Stagecraft is a co-curricular class, so a portion of the student's grade comes from practical work on departmental productions, which occur outside of regularly scheduled class hours. Barring excused absences, this class has a "no late work" policy.

Please see Resources/Links for a copy of the course syllabus, outlining all of the rules, responsibilities, and grading policies of the class. Check the Onstage section for a list of performance dates.

Last update: 7/17/2013